Creating Sacred Wealth with Feminine Principles with Kara Gilligan
Money is sacred, and so is a woman’s creative force, known as “Shakti” in the Tantric tradition. People are conditioned[...]
Secrets to Enjoying Sacred Success with Barbara Huson (formerly Stanny)
There is a satisfaction that comes from sharing your genius. Your greatness cannot be measured by money alone. As you[...]
The Power of Using Your Emotional Currency with Kate Levinson
This month diverse women are sharing their experiences as sexual assault survivors, with the hashtag #metoo. Catalyzed in part by[...]
The Anatomy of Money with Deborah Fryer
What is money, and why is it the primary source of stress for most Americans? Sure, some spiritual teachers say[...]
How to Create Fertile Conditions for Prosperity with Dr. Aumatma Shah
How can you become more effective with less effort? More coffee and less sleep? Buy lottery tickets? No! However there[...]


Breaking Money Silence with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
People find relief and opportunity when they open up and talk about money. They break down walls of financial fears[...]
Engaging in Compelling Negotiations Using Emotional Intelligence with Rebecca Slocum
What would you do if you recently negotiated a contract as an independent contractor, and then realized that you were[...]
The Value of an Embodied Voice with Destiny Love
Are you someone who is most comfortable playing it small? Maybe you feel awkward expressing your opinions, especially in groups.[...]
How to Communicate Compassionately About Money with Jobie Summer
It’s no surprise people have a hard time talking about money. Most of us were not taught the specific skills[...]
How To Talk Money With Your Honey with Simrit Kaur
Want to have calm, productive conversations about money with your honey? You’re not alone, nearly 80% of couples say money[...]
How To Deepen Intimacy Following Money Fights with Joy Hosey
Most people have a tough time talking openly about money. I’ve heard hundreds of women tell tearful stories about being[...]
Expressing Your Authentic Value with KC Baker
Our power is often locked up by fear and shame. Countless women have told me about important financial conversations that[...]
The Power In Vulnerability
How can bold, authentic communication about money transform the world? When we are vulnerable and express our suffering to a[...]


PeoplesHub Launches Training Platform with Sarah van Gelder
People like you are building power from the ground up to create community resilience. Relationships are the bedrock of your well-being.[...]
How Green Maps Reveal Community Wealth with Wendy Brawer
Your community is endowed with immeasurable resources, yet many remain invisible and hard to access. The talents and wisdom of[...]
Maternal Wellness and Wealth with Kay Sandberg
Becoming a mother was a significant initiation for me. I had both of my children naturally at home with a[...]
The Intimacy of Legal Tender with Christian McEwen
You would not believe some of the stories I have heard about money! Tales of trauma and triumph, of love[...]
How to Prosper with Nourishing Networks with Judy Wicks
Do you know your farmer? Your investor? Do they care about your well-being? People are hungry for meaningful relationships and[...]
Creating a Culture of Connection within an Extractive Economy with Sarah van Gelder
Connection between people is the primary source of value. Poverty is a result of disconnection, from spirit, body, emotion, family,[...]
The Value of Sisterhood: Four FREE Ways to Create True Wealth with Women
Certain people are special gems who bring out the best in me. You know those who encourage you and hold[...]
How to Birth a Life-Affirming Economy With Ferananda Ibarra
Sometimes I imagine the global economy as a hospice patient, frail, ineffective, and dependent on the care of others. Do[...]


Style Your Finances with the Budgetnista with Tiffany Aliche
Money comes easily to some women. They are comfortable talking about it and have the skills to manage it. They[...]
Breaking Money Silence with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
People find relief and opportunity when they open up and talk about money. They break down walls of financial fears[...]
How to Find Peace with Money with Leisa Peterson
Notice how it’s easier to do nothing about your money situation, even when it’s stressing you out and there may[...]
Prospering with Somatic Finance® with Gayle Colman
What is a time-tested approach to build your financial legacy? Listen to your gut! “Somatic” means “of or relating to[...]
How to Heal Money Trauma and Create a Financial Plan with Suzanne Lorenz
The young woman stuck around because the extractive economy was so familiar. He was crude, and always took more than[...]
Financial Tactics for Community Resilience with Vicki Robin
How do you engage with the monumental shift happening in America? Do you see baby boomers and millennials coming together[...]

Economics and Regenerative Culture

Women Asserting Power to Create Wealth with Jerri Husch
There is a revolution brewing that redefines the value of humans in complex living systems. How we measure wealth and[...]
Where Purpose Meets Profit with Amberjae Freeman
Have you felt satisfaction when your money is swelling because it is invested in alignment with your values? Have you[...]
Screwnomics and the Eros of Money with Rickey Gard Diamond
Falling in love brings a rush of oxytocin and positive feelings. Intimate (including more than romantic) relationships are satisfying when[...]
Finding Peace with Buddhist Economics with Clair Brown
What if the economy was aligned with the values of ancient spiritual teachings? A healthy living system will circulate goods[...]
The Power of Feminine Finance with Donna Morton
Last week, there were a couple of significant dips in the stock market, which was at an all-time high. This[...]
How Integrated Capital Creates Positive Impact with Deb Nelson
Honest conversations are necessary to align your values with your money. Social finance is effective because transparency is encouraged and[...]
Can You Imagine Thriving? with Michelle Holliday
This is an invitation to thrive. Learn how to welcome greater vitality and creativity through acknowledging your role in a[...]
Regenerative Systems: Agriculture, Investment and Education with Liora Adler
Regenerative agriculture has become a significant movement, based on ecological principles and practices that build soil health. Perhaps it’s because[...]
Realize the Potential of Money and Life with Katie Teague
  We are each story-makers with overlapping scenes and voices. Within each human is the intersection of the personal and[...]
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