Find Your Money Voice 2017

Guest Faculty



Ruth Anne Wood

Ruth Anne Wood

Ruth Anne Wood is dubbed the “Writer of our lives” using her results formula Scripting For Success to travel the world, meet and stayed happily married for over a decade with her dream man, help her clients quantum leap their income, connections and opportunities in days, collaborate with dream come true joint venture partners, speak on stage, interview and yes mentor best selling authors, business leaders, struggling leaders and companies through her focused Scripting For Success formula with a 99% success rate for paid clients.

Jobie Summer

Jobie Summer is a communication expert, a skilled speaker, author, and coach who is passionate about helping individuals, couples and teams communicate effectively. She teaches them “hands-on,” real-life communication skills so they can have deeply fulfilling relationships and make a greater impact in their work and in the world.
As a former financial advisor, mediator, and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication and Compassionate Listening, Jobie has over 18 years experience in guiding clients to be empowered and establish healthy relationships, communication, and agreements. She believes that effective communication begins with self-compassion and connection. When Jobie was only 32 years old, she sold her business as a financial advisor for AIG and dedicated her work to supporting others.

Jobie Summer


Suzanne Lorenz

She is a retired licensed clinical social worker in private practice for 20 years in Northern California specializing in trauma and substance abuse. She co-authored two books with her husband, Wealth and Well-being: How therapists, counselors and helping professionals can assist clients through the emotional barriers to financial independence and the Wealth and Well-being workbook: Overcoming barriers to Financial Independence.
Her passion for photography started 40 years ago in a darkroom developing black and white images and have continued that love through the digital age. Her photography website; Following the light of Change  and Suzanne-Lorenz at exhibits her current work and commitment to showcase the beauty of the environment. She writes a monthly blog, Following the Light of the Unknown and explore through photographs and reflective essays oh her current musings.
She continues to coach people on how emotions affect their money habits and on uncovering and releasing their old myths about money.
She now spends her time with her children and grandchildren, hiking, practicing yoga and playing the ukelele. She and her husband loves to travel and taking photographs is one of the joys she experience while traveling.

Victoria Van Eyk

Victoria van Eyk is a financial strategist. She has worked in personal finance for over a decade, specializing in Bitcoin and decentralized currencies. Victoria works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to fine tune their vision and approach as they map out their plan for the future together. She shares her enthusiasm for both financial freedom and the social capital that she’s acquired through working with top executives in scaling their value. Victoria transforms lives by uncovering people’s untapped talents and gifts and then grounding their dreams into real-world steps through ongoing strategic advice. Her work has been featured in Forbes and the New York Times.


Rebecca Bell Slocum

Rebecca Bell Slocum, MSOD, is an independent Organization Development consultant with expertise in innovative strategies to engage large systems in change. She partners with leaders at all levels to design and implement positive changes and build resiliency in times of uncertainty and challenge. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence and has presented and published in her field.
Prior to becoming a consultant, Rebecca worked in international relations on topics such as trade policy, microfinance, sustainable agriculture, and environmental law. She has traveled and worked abroad extensively and draws on this experience frequently when leading collaborative processes in cross-cultural settings.