The True Wealth Template

If money were not the sole measure of value, how would behavior change? People will redefine value according to what contributes to their well-being. The True Wealth Template allows individuals and communities to reorient their priorities. We need a new story of what is valuable; a template for true wealth. In order to change our value system, we need to change our very assessment of value.

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Money-Wise Women Podcast

Feminine Finance, Cartoons, and the Solidarity Economy with Janelle Orsi
Cooperatives are revitalizing communities, satiating hearts with feelings of belonging. By participating in coops, individuals are more effectively stewarding resources[...]
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Cooperatives for Economic Justice in Black America
Cooperatives for Economic Justice in Black AmericaBy Crystal ArnoldBuilding community assets through cooperatives is essential to repair the harm done[...]
Wealth with a Purpose with Morgan Simon
Aligning your money with your values requires vigilance. As individuals like you engage in solidarity instead of charity, a healthier[...]

5 Petals of Well-Being

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Your podcast is empowering, uplifting, and transformational. We are authors of the future. Thank you for featuring women who are pointing out the possibilities of life.

Lynne Twist , global visionary, author

Working with Crystal helped me completely up level my earnings. Not only did her confidence in me make it easier to hold firm to the rates I wanted to charge, but she also taught me how to share these higher rates with potential clients in a way that I feel completely comfortable and aligned with.

Lexi Soulios , Family Constellation and Hakomi Therapist

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