Creating Sacred Wealth with Feminine Principles with Kara Gilligan

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Feb 26

Money is sacred, and so is a woman’s creative force, known as “Shakti” in the Tantric tradition. People are conditioned to believe that the sacred is separate from the ordinary. Many believe that money is not holy and feminine pleasure is sinful. Some women resist power and wealth because they associate it with becoming an oppressor. Generations of violent abuse has been perpetrated by men and women of the patriarchy in order to control the wild and divine feminine force. These systems of domination are transforming as people are creating sacred wealth with feminine principles.

After this interview with “Money-Wise Women” guest Kara Gilligan, many women told me our conversation connected the dots between women and money in new and profound ways. She describes how women are leading a transformation from an extractive money system and healing the wounds of the feminine. She revealed the role of Mary Magdalene as a financier of Christ, and why this is significant for shifting today’s financial oppression.

Kara explains that in the Tantric tradition power is the ability to manifest, which is an aspect of the feminine Shakti. As women access true power, they become dignified leaders and usher in a just economy with transparency. They demonstrate generosity with healthy boundaries and cultivate wealth and spiritual power while being in service to the divine and humanity.

The pursuit of money and power for domination and violence against others is destroying our environment and society. She describes a black magic programming that is binding and repressing sacred feminine energy. When Kara was at Dartmouth College, she saw how the Ivy League fraternity “Bones Gate” indoctrinated  its members, most of whom were offspring of the financial elite, how to continue a culture of shaming and domination into their predestined positions of power after graduation.

Seeing the oppression of the feminine in their fraternity’s initiations was eye opening. The behavior that was developed through their hazing rituals perpetuated a violent patriarchy. These men were intimately engaged with their brotherhood through shame-bonds. They were conditioned to keep each other’s secrets. Violence and force over another has perpetuated a dominator culture.

The “me-too” movement is a stunning example of how women are releasing their shame-bonds through speaking openly about the sexual assaults they have endured. Women are coming out of hiding and integrating disassociated parts of their brilliance, including the feminine creative force, which generates money and babies.

Mary Magdalene has more to do with money than you may imagine. Kara reveals the role of Magdalene as an empowered woman and financier of Jesus, not a whore as the church insinuates. She had a significant role in developing and sharing the early tenets of Christianity. The Magdalenes were a sacred order of European priestesses who were initiated into the feminine path of God realization by Mary Magdalene. They were women of wealth and power, endowed with mystical knowledge and healing abilities.

With the “Sacred Wealth” three-part call series , Kara teaches how to understand the five core money wounds and how the divine feminine and sacred sexuality are shifting the economic paradigm.

As women cultivate their sexual power, they can also generate sacred wealth. Your financial struggles are about more than just money. As women claim their worth, cultivate their compassion, and lead with feminine principles, we create a more just and vibrant economy.

Kara Gilligan is a Magdalene Priestess Tantric Wisdom teacher and the creator of Sacred Wealth, a mystery school for leaders. Her work is designed to release individuals from the programming of pain and disempowerment at the hands of a corrupt money system and to support the healthy integration of money and power as expressions of love in service to one’s purpose in life. With a professional background in branding, business, online marketing, and self publishing, Kara combines deep intuitive coaching, spiritual healing, and practical business skills to help her clients transcend their deepest fears and limitations around money.


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