Prospering with Somatic Finance® with Gayle Colman

Financial Management

Apr 12

What is a time-tested approach to build your financial legacy? Listen to your gut!

“Somatic” means “of or relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.” It’s likely that no money expert has ever suggested to listen to your body’s wisdom, even though this is a very effective approach. Many academics view the body merely as a fleshy vehicle to transport the mind. Today’s financial expert will reveal the somatic secrets that create true wealth.

“Money-Wise Women” guest Gayle Colman has been a pioneer in the financial field for over three decades. Through her work with thousands of clients as a certified financial planner, she has a deep understanding of people’s relationships with money. She has developed a unique approach that integrates the body’s wisdom into financial decisions. She says, “What we are exploring is very important, but it’s not serious.”

Wondering why your positive affirmations seem ineffective? People are becoming more aware of the power of their money mindset. Behavioral finance studies how your beliefs about money influence your decisions. However, this approach of the strategic mind is limited. For lasting transformation, change must be anchored in the body. This is why Gayle’s embodied approach is so effective for creating greater wealth and well-being. She helps to liberate the intuitive spirit of the body. the subconscious, instinctive urge of the body to do good for itself.

Poverty originates in disconnection. Lack of connection with your body, other humans, the earth, and spirit creates suffering. The antidote? Intimacy. With greater authenticity, you can improve your relationship with both your body and your money. Gayle describes safety, connection, and dignity as three primary nutrients for well-being. She shares an embodiment practice that will keep you connected with your body’s wisdom, even during stressful money conversations.

Why is embodied sufficiency such a powerful practice? One of the most common beliefs that keep people in scarcity is “not enough.” However, Gayle reminds listeners, “When we tap into the power of this pristine stillness of this impeccable okay-ness, that’s nutritious. When we abide in this embodied sufficiency, we enjoy greater health and wealth.”

Do you want money to be something that brings you and your family together instead of driving you apart?

Listen to today’s episode and learn time-tested techniques for having more effective money conversations with your family. With somatic awareness, you can remain calm and open during potentially stressful situations. Most of your beliefs were programmed in the first seven years of life. When you examine these ingrained beliefs with self-compassion, you can develop better empathy and connection with loved ones.

Gayle and I agree that the future of humanity depends on redefining wealth. With our heads (mind) and our hearts (feelings), we can forge a legacy of true wealth for the next seven generations.

“Listen closely,” the body whispers. “I will tell you about the truth of embodied sufficiency. I will share the wisdom of how to cultivate true wealth. Feel the pleasure of creating wealth in alignment with your core values.”

Gayle Knight Colman brings a depth of experience to her work as a nationally recognized innovator in the field of finances. She earned her B.S. in finance and investments in 1982. As a certified financial planner, Certified Master Integral Coach™ through Integral Coaching Canada, and principal in her firm, Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC, she integrates practical results with inner values, guiding clients to meaningful and prosperous lives. Gayle holds a unique combination of financial expertise, insight, and innovation, assisting her clients in realizing—wealth is more than money.

Her firm, launched in 1988, leads the financial-planning profession in “Integral Wealth.” With a rare perspective and deep caring for others, Gayle advocates that the key to financial well-being is seeing the interior aspects of money and the confusion they create, then integrating experiences to manifest clarity, wisdom, and compassion.

Pioneering new ways to embody truth, Gayle developed powerful practices to evolve the money journey, including Imagination Made Real™, MoneyMoves® cards, and MoneyMoves® Quest. Presently, Gayle dedicates her embodied wisdom to Somatic Finance®, an expanded outlook and practices that include body intelligence in all matters of money.




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