Understand Your Power of Perception with Kirsten Liegmann


Jul 26

Understand Your Power of Perception with Kirsten Liegman

I’m noticing a theme in the conversations I’m having with the Money-Wise Women show. Individuals are recognizing their authentic power and wealth. Coherent support groups are uplifting individuals to claim their creative potential. Certainly the blame, anger, and frustration triggered by the modern economy are destructive, but if we muster our own energy, emotions, and language to communicate clearly and openly about money—change happens!

As Kirsten says, “We are certainly seeing much destruction and suffering. Yet we are also seeing an emergence of our magnificence and of designs that are life-giving…. What could life on Earth be like if we choose a new path?”

Do you feel overwhelmed by the violence and seeming chaos in the global news? Are you one of the 75% of Americans who believe the economy is rigged? No wonder our youth are more stressed and in debt than any previous generation! (American Psychological Association study, 2015) In this episode of Money-Wise Women, Kirsten Liegmann offers a refreshing perceptual shift. Listen in and learn how to better manage your energetic awareness:

Whether or not a particular conspiracy is true or not is immaterial to the perception you hold. Will you get pulled into the fear? Or can you stay empowered in your own creativity and manifestation of the world that you want to create for yourself?”

“We have the power to shift our perception…. Once we take full responsibility for everything that shows up in our life, it changes everything that we do. When you take the element of blame out of the equation, it changes how you make decisions. What happens is you choose how to move through the world. Perception is the ultimate key.

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She is a powerful leader with a keen understanding of business and finances. Her unique perspective on our energetic systems is incredibly valuable as you learn to navigate our rapidly changing world with calm, curiosity, and confidence.

“No matter what the external evidence seems to be, it is going to be better than you can ever imagine…. When you shift into that energy, you trust the perfection of the unfolding.”

Kirsten Liegmann has a Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Management from Presidio School of Management and is President of Foundation for Humanity (www.ffh.org). She has served as Director of Operations for Gaia University, an international university dedicated to the advancement of ecological and social projects worldwide where she has created and implemented system designs for every quadrant of the organization including operations, accounting, finance, business development, regional center development, database design & implementation, student admissions and advisory services. She has an extensive knowledge of organizational system design in both non-profit and for-profit environments. She is a passionate champion for a new humanity that is ushering in a new way of living and a new way of being, one that is aligned and harmonized with the Earth and claims our birthright as magnificent crafters of our own experience. Weaving together decades of training in business, sustainability, and conscious evolution, she assists people to remove their fears, resistance, and egos to become the joyful, life-filled, empowered designers of their lives.




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