Source Energy and Strength from Your Mother LineWith Lexi Delgado


Jul 30

I am committed to supporting mothers and daughters in finding greater prosperity and satisfaction through conscious communication. There is power to imagining a new story together as women and how we come together for support, healing, and education.

Lexi Delgado has a unique invitation for us to increase our energy and strength, honoring our “mother line,” our lineage of feminine empowerment. She says, “Find how you’re connected to your lineage. What is it that you’re carrying forward? Link yourself to that and see how it propels you deeper into your dreams, service, contribution, and your own flow of money and energy.”

Each one of us has been affected by family dynamics passed down through generations. Epigenetic studies have shown scientifically that the experiences of our ancestors not only changed their genes but also affected future generations. We all have an opportunity to heal the pain of our lineage. I have experienced it myself, doing constellation work with Lexi, and seen it in dozens of others.

I’m not talking about past-life memories of a 17th-Century daughter betraying her mother by sending her to burn at the stake as a witch. I’m not talking about reliving violence or taking a spiritual bypass to pretend we are beyond our past. The rational mind doesn’t need to understand the specifics or have a certain story about the past. With Lexi’s skillful facilitation I’ve experienced stuck and confused energies move toward resolution and love when we are willing conduits.

In this conversation, Lexi challenges us to look at a root cause of this suffering of “not-enough.” She says, “What would it take to bow to your mother in gratitude simply for giving you this life? You were granted your life from your mother, and that is enough.”

She speaks to the power of consistent work with a group. We invite the transformation of our epigenetic trauma when we experience deep belonging in our very cells.

“Money is a taboo subject, and it is notable that Crystal is creating an open forum for talking about this and creating the opportunity for women to explore it at a deep level…. It is a way of creating freedom and more generosity.”

Lexi Delgado, BA, MA, has degrees in Education, Counseling Psychology and Group Facilitation. She has worked in the fields of education and mental health for 25 years. Lexi utilizes tools from many arenas of Sacred Science—Mindfulness, Yoga, Cosmology, and Constellation Work. Lexi is the founder of the School of the New Work—a resource for evolutionary growth and learning. She has been married, mothering and living in Ashland, Oregon, for over 19 years.




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