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Dec 03

Feminine Finance, Cartoons, and the Solidarity Economy with Janelle Orsi


Cooperatives are revitalizing communities, satiating hearts with feelings of belonging. By participating in coops, individuals are more effectively stewarding resources and taking responsibility for meeting the needs of the community in mutually beneficial ways. People are creating vibrant local economies through utility cooperatives, food and pharmaceutical coops, community-supported agriculture, and housing cooperatives. “Money-Wise Women” guest Janelle […]

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Nov 18

Circulating Local Wealth Through Ethical Banking with Kat Taylor


Banks can be engines of an equitable economy by financing local endeavors and circulating profits back through communities. What if more banks were operating ethically, aligning their lending and operations to improve the fiscal vitality of their local communities and environment?For example, with financing from Beneficial State Bank in California, the Oakland Leaf’s after-school programming […]

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