Interdependence and Synarchy With Sheri Herndon


Jul 09

money wise sheri

Meet Sheri Herndon, a conscious evolutionary and mindfulness consultant as well as a Twenty-First Century futurist who has been pioneering for the last twenty years at the nexus of communications, consciousness, and technology. She truly plugged into the pulse of the global awakening and the leaders who are creating coherent fields to liberate our innate genius.

My favorite part of the interview is when Sheri shares a key evolutionary tool for changing your mindset: the powerful practice of appreciating the joy of others. As we retrain our brains to savor our own satisfaction and the joy of others, we strengthen empathy and our ability to cooperate.

You will hear Sheri’s astounding vision of how collective intelligence is changing the world. “Your true wealth is your original medicine. It’s the unique gift that each person is. People are aligning with their own innate genius; that brings much joy to the world. Imagine how many people are bringing forth their goodness! All of this love for each other and this earth, it is our true nature.”



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