Revealing Community Wealth with Crystal Arnold


Oct 23

Our community has so much wealth. And you are so willing to share it!

Many were moved to tears at the Rogue Valley’s first official Offers and Needs Market this weekend. That’s what happens when we celebrate the riches we share. Giving and receiving create connection and a sense of belonging.

The Bellview Grange in Ashland was buzzing with generosity. There were riveting moments of need. The true power of humanity shone through as people were able to ask the 70 participants for help with their most urgent needs. You can hear more about this experience on this episode of “Money-Wise Women.”

From our polling, over 1000 matches of offers and needs were made on the night! The Post Growth Institute will be launching a training for people who want to facilitate the Offers and Needs Market in their own communities. If you would like to support the project, please make a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit here.

I share on this podcast how I became interested in learning more about money when working as an executive assistant at a bank in 2004, just months after the president of the bank was put in federal prison for embezzling money. As I photocopied the extensive evidence against him for investigators, I began to wonder about what motivates people to take more than they deserve even when they already have more financial wealth than most.

I also speak about the potential of credit unions and public banks to shift the power dynamics in the financial field. There are many inspiring projects you will hear about in this episode.

Because the truth is that, together, we are wealthy beyond measure.




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