How to Use Technology to Improve Your Finances with Sofia Rossato


Sep 18

Technology has radically transformed the financial landscape. With the proliferation of smart phones, people have real-time access to markets and accounts. Yet this abundant financial information does not make people more money-wise.

How can technology improve our financial lives?

“Money-Wise Women” guest Sofia Rossato is founder of WellWallet​. She is passionate about creating benefits for people and planet at the intersection of finance and technology (“fintech”). Sofia was involved in a fintech start-up that grew to 400 people and $57 million, and she built data-driven platforms used by hundreds of financial institutions. She was COO for a billion-dollar division of a financial information company.

I want to transform our economy into a force for good in the world. The mother and father of human-built systems, finance and technology, are tools that can drive connection and prosperity.

After years of helping financial firms, she applied her skills to help individuals. Technology can empower people to harness the power of their money and to support personal and planetary prosperity. I don’t believe in a techno-utopia, however there are innovations that improve your financial intelligence.

Sofia says, “For many people, money can be boring and terrifying. What if we could make it fun and approachable?”

Sofia has taken her extensive financial-industry knowledge to create the WellWallet app. WellWallet is a money assistant and financial tracker that gives you personalized financial advice tailored to your unique circumstances. It makes it easier to accomplish small changes in your life that grow your personal wealth and have impact aligned with your values.

“Financially, people are suffering death by a thousand paper cuts. There are so many little financial traps and fees that take advantage of people and  hurt their pocketbooks.” The WellWallet app is designed to work with you to manage your money more effectively. Because money has power, your financial choices have impact.

Sofia Rossato has twenty years of financial-technology (“fintech”) experience. She held senior leadership roles at Wall Street On Demand (a fintech start-up that sold to Goldman Sachs) and was COO of the Information division at Markit, a $17b financial-information company. After years of helping financial firms, Sofia started Well Wallet in late 2017. Her goal: to use her experience in financial technology to help people and planet. Sofia believes that the power of fintech can simultaneously help people grow their wealth while having a positive impact on our communities and the environment.





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