Evocative Questions about Money with Terry Woodland


Sep 05

Questions open gateways to greater creativity and understanding. Compassionate inquiry and deep listening are important characteristics of feminine leadership. Life-altering breakthroughs happen using open-ended questions, especially about taboo topics like money, and wisdom emerges from group inquiry.

A feminine leader has the courage to ask evocative questions without knowing the answers.

One such maven of inquiry is Money-Wise Women” guest Terry Woodland, MBA, who has been asking questions about money for several decades as a financial educator. She co-developed the Money of Love workshops with Orest Taraban. Terry shares key questions for greater financial awareness during our interview to stimulate new thinking about money.

Let’s face it, conversations about sharing money, time, and energy get tense. Terry shares tips on having more effective money conversations. She describes how to respond more effectively, rather than react.

Through facilitating workshops, we have both seen the stress that people feel about money. Transformations happen during our events as people have small-group conversations about what money means to them and how they can develop true wealth.

Evocative questions, when asked with tender curiosity, create connection.

Money can bring people closer together instead of driving them apart. Your interactions with others, through monetary transactions, can be either magnetic or repulsive. Through discussions about value and wealth, money becomes more than a number. Curiosity is key as we create a regenerative economy for a thriving people and planet.

Terry Woodland, MBA, is the co-developer of the Money of Love workshops. The Money of Love is an evolutionary process of change in perception and understanding of money. This process involves a personal inquiry into the nature of money and our individual definition of and beliefs about money. It is through the expanded understanding of money that we can change our relationship and interactions with money. The workshops are offered through Dynamic Peace, a learning community in Seattle serving to bring to consciousness aspects of the vibrant, nurturing interconnectedness of living process we are all in together.

Terry has worked as business consultant in finance and accounting for thirty years. Her expertise is in using financial information to provide meaningful feedback and support to business leaders, so they can make better decisions about money to create alignment and sustainability. She is currently the controller for a community health center and volunteers in the treasury for a nonprofit organization




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