If Money Could Talk with Sarah McCrum


Feb 27

Friendships are nourishing. Giving and receiving attention, love, acknowledgment, and money generates a renewable source of energy. When you are accepted as you are, without pretense, then the superficial half-truths of social acquaintance fall away. Where you are understood, you feel belonging.

Becoming friends with money starts with a conversation.

“Money-Wise Women” guest Sarah McCrum decided to have a written conversation with money a few years ago. Out of this was born her book Love Money, Money Loves You. She runs a live group program called The Consciousness of Money.

The most challenging times in your life often bring new awareness. Sarah describes a significant financial and professional loss that led her to write this book to explore her relationship with money. During her dark night of the soul, she began to write letters back and forth with money. What happened surprised her: money had intriguing messages.

Sarah says, “Ask the questions that you would of a good friend who would never let you down. It is alright to love money, and consider how you would behave differently if you knew that money really does love you.”

What do you want to ask money?

I’ve seen poignant breakthroughs while facilitating money discussions between women. In over a decade of leading workshops, I’ve heard intimate confessions and seen many tears.

Sarah says, “Talking about money is like letting fresh air into a room that’s been closed for twenty years. People’s eyes start to sparkle with relief about being able to talk openly and transparently about how they feel about money.”

We discuss the common challenges with receiving more money than usual. People who land a big contract, receive inheritance, or win the lottery often panic. Believing, “Help I can’t manage it. I don’t have enough time or enough people. I’m going to lose it.”

In this insightful conversation, also hear about navigating the financial decisions of caring for aging parents.

Gather your courage and have conversations about money and with money. It is so worth it. Sarah says that money’s message for us is to relax, enjoy, and love.

Sarah McCrum

Sarah McCrum is a coach who specializes in working with game changers and business owners. She’s author of the book Love Money, Money Loves You, and she runs a three-day intensive program called The Consciousness of Money. Visit her web site at sarahmccrum.com




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