Wild Money for Creative Entrepreneurs with Luna Jaffe


Jan 15

Creative entrepreneurs often seek me for money advice. They think finances are boring and they have to be a math whiz to manage money. They are pleasantly surprised to find there are integrated approaches that align their values with their resources. Psychological, emotional, and mental approaches can be combined for financial success. Yet it is rare to find a professional who integrates practical financial advice with emotional and ancestral healing.

“Money-Wise Women” guest Luna Jaffe is one such woman. She is owner of the Prosperity Pie Shop in Portland, Oregon. This is the home of the Sacred Money Studios where they care for people’s heart, mind, emotions, and soul to catalyze transformation around money. Luna was a self-employed artist then became a licensed therapist. Her son was a toddler when she lost her job, and it was then she decided to become a financial planner. Her effective approach integrates the artist, therapist, and financial expert.

At the Prosperity Pie Shop, they offer money-management classes using the You Need a Budget (YNAB) tool and teach budgeting classes In three levels so people can develop mastery in a supportive community. “When we put values first, we can put spending in alignment with what’s most important. I have more capacity and choices if I’m looking at my numbers. When I’m not, it creates more anxiety.”

An active budgeting process is key for people’s success and well-being. Tracking money can be a mindfulness practice. Luna teaches practical skills…and spiritual ceremonies. Her grief ceremonies are especially powerful for people wanting to let go of past choices or relationships  progress beyond forgiveness. 

Her innovative approaches included creative classes using the metaphors of cooking and gardening to teach about finances. She even has a Wild Money coloring book that is fun to use in a group, with both prompts for reflective journaling and coloring.  “When we talk about money openly in community, it reduces feelings of shame. People realize that no matter the amount in their bank account, they can suffer because of money. Participants in our program become less judgmental of themselves and others.” 

Luna uses the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) of neurolinguistic programming to clear subconscious blocks, through physically tapping on meridian points of the body. This is an effective way to shift the mindset and feelings about money. “Reducing stress is one of the best ways to improve your money flow.”

In this interview, she gives specific advice for entrepreneurs, including, “Treat your business with respect, and therefore yourself.” You will enjoy this rollicking conversation if you are interested in non-traditional approaches to money. Get inspired to be creative with your finances. As Luna says, “Believe in yourself! If you’re not feeling confident about money, it’s not because you’re not capable.” It is time to have fun with your wild money.

Luna Jaffe is the award-winning author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom and owner of Lunaria Financial, a boutique financial-planning firm also based in Portland, Oregon. As a Certified Financial Planner™, psychotherapist, and visual artist, Luna brings her financial and emotional wisdom, love of service, and passion for teaching to Sacred Money Studios. She learned about money the hard way–through trial and error–until becoming a financial advisor 14 years ago.

Luna lives to pass her knowledge on to those that need it by helping them to step out of their own limiting beliefs, to boost their sense of self-worth, and to imagine a world that is plentiful and supportive. She does this by bringing people face to face, taking the financial conversation offline and into a blossoming community where healing and thriving can take place.

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