How to Activate Your Portfolio with Your Mission with Marian Moore


Nov 13

Receiving money can be exhilarating and open a world of possibilities. Yet for some people it sucks to inherit money or win the lottery. The responsibilities and psychological challenges can cause suffering or liberation. Some have a fear of being a fool with their money and losing it, others lose their motivation for self-actualization, and some keep it secret so that others don’t see them as a walking piggy bank. How are financially wealthy people finding congruent ways to affect positive social change?

Today’s “Money-Wise Women” guest offers innovative approaches for people wanting to create great impact with their money. Marian Moore is a philanthropist, facilitator, and senior advisor at RSF Social Finance. Both of her parents had inherited money and were also engaged in social-justice activism. Growing up, they lived with the working-class people, well below their means. There was another hidden world of affluence with lavish country houses with butlers.

As she came to age, there were no conversations about her trust fund and how it related to the social-justice values she was taught. As a young adult she felt isolated, struggling to integrate these two legacies, the activist and the inheritor. When she found social-change philanthropists, she felt liberated from feeling that her money was a shameful burden.

In this podcast, hear about the important talk she had with her own children when they were teenagers about the responsibilities of their money situation. We discuss how people can more effectively pass down their wealth through meaningful conversations and personal reflections on values and priorities.

Marian describes her transformational events for philanthropists, “Play BIG is not about getting a menu and making an order, it’s about taking a personal journey.” She invites people to shift their personal relationship with money for greater satisfaction and more significant impact upon what they truly value. 

As a senior partner at RSF Social Finance, Marian describes their investment options that shift the dominant financial paradigm of opaque, anonymous, and indirect investments based on short-term outcomes. With as little as $1000, you can invest in more transparent, direct investments founded on long-term relationships.

“Leaning on faith I make sure everything is in order, set the tone, hold the space, keep things moving, and weave the story. All of that is infused with my little secret: understanding the power of love.”

Want to learn more about Marian’s favorite projects and endeavors? Check out: Lead with LandThreshold FoundationResource Generation, and Slow Money.

A more intimate economy is emerging, with transparency, trust, and integrity in financial transactions. She says, “I love your true wealth template because it puts money in its proper place.” As people gain greater understanding of their relationship to their assets, including but not limited to money, they can discover deep satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Marian and I are evoking new stories of money connect people with their purpose.

Marian Moore, is a philanthropist, producer, and lead facilitator of “Play BIG” and of “Lead with Land.” She is also a leadership coach and advisor to people seeking to direct their investments specifically toward their social mission. This year, as a senior advisor to RSF Social Finance, she is curating and facilitating RSF’s Integrated Capital Fellowship.




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