The Secrets of Soul Wealth with Corrina Steward


Jun 28

Wealth is not entirely measurable. It includes your vitality, creativity, and spiritual connection. Money is an agreement of value that can measure only some aspects of your true wealth.


Money is related to the great mother archetype; she who births, nurtures, and feeds. The economy is essentially a system to facilitate caring for one another and stewarding shared resources. What happens when people view the marketplace as sacred and view money as love?


“Money-Wise Women” guest Corrina Steward describes the power of shifting beliefs about money. She is a “soul wealth” coach known for creating miraculous breakthroughs in money and life. She gained deep insights into her spiritual blueprint during her near-death experience giving birth to her son. While doctors frantically searched for the source of the bleeding that was causing her vital signs to plummet, Corrina discovered the source of her soul’s wealth:


“You are money, and money is love.” In other words, you are love.


Listen to our fascinating conversation and hear more about how Corrina defines “soul wealth” and how to access it.


We have both worked with many women entrepreneurs who are under-earning, in large part because of their fear of being seen. Generations of women have been traumatized into hiding their unique skills and power. This is why coming together with other women to share authentically is so transformative. Corrine describes her programs by saying, “The group field I create is an incubator for accelerated transformation and healing. Participants realign to their purpose. There is immense power, because everyone is lending their heart energy and soul codes.”


We discuss why feminine leadership is increasingly important, especially in the financial field. Corrina is leading a movement to embody the message “money is love.” She explains how the fear of monetary trauma has been part of the human experience. This conversation will shift the way you view money and your own creative and spiritual potential.


Corrina Steward is a “soul wealth” coach. She is known for activating people’s soul purpose to live their dream lives. Corrina is an energy re-alignment specialist and teacher of the spiritual science of heart manifestation. A former United Nations consultant and Ivy League graduate, she awakens transformational leaders to pioneer evolutionary change on the planet.

Following many years of awakening into her soul purpose, her “activation” into her spiritual blueprint (Corrina calls this the “new human embodied”) occurred during a near-death experience during the birth of her son, Emmanuel. What followed was an expansive opening into love and the knowing that “money is love.” Corrina uses her gifts of healing, intuition, and manifestation to lead the money-is-love revolution and to activate the soul’s wealth of transformational leaders to manifest the abundance and money required to fulfill their soul’s missions. Find out more at:


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