Let's Get Real with Money

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Learn Simple Practices To Build True Wealth


Get Real With Money 1

9 Tips to Reduce Your Spending

Get Real with Money 2

3 Mistakes that Causes Money Stress

Get Real With Money 3

4 Practices to Build True Wealth

 Outcomes Have Included

  1. Identify and prioritize your expenses that can be considered “Money Leaks”
  2. Relief that are simple yet effective ways to build true wealth, today!
  3. Greater Clarity about priorities and values
  4. Avoiding impulsive spending because of considering long-term goals
  5. Improve your credit score in just 15 minutes

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Many women are finding this work transformational

Being able to shift my perspective and open up to bookkeeping and money and the energetics of it as a more playful, empowering, and fun experience was very profound for me, and has been a big part of my shift into more prosperity consciousness. By making these conscious choices to learn these tools and techniques we become more empowered.

Renee Jeffus,

Revolutionary Raidance

I had the privilege of co-teaching with Crystal in the Discover Your Wealth course in 2015, and I am impressed with her psychological understanding of wealth and value. She artfully and practically helps people to take charge of their lives through an eyes-open approach.

Suzanna Yahya Nadler,

Self and Soul Retreat Center