Find Your Money Voice

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Ladies it’s time to speak up! If you’ve gotten flustered talking about money and want to express your value more clearly, this webinar is tailor-made for you. In it, learn specific negotiation techniques to apply at home and work. Shake off that money stress and speak up to create true wealth.

Do you get choked up when it’s time to explain your pay rate or the prices for your products?

Do you have a hard time knowing what to say to your husband about money?

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What they say about Crystal

Thank you for the inspiring webinar, Crystal! You are a valuable leader in this movement in changing our tune to how we feel about money so we can embrace it as a force of good. You specifically speak very clearly and connect so elegantly about delicate subjects. I am really inspired by your presence.

Audrey S.

The “Find Your Money” course was very valuable, providing greater awareness of my own assumptions and intentions and finding my way to self-compassion. These practices help me feel compassion and forgiveness. I now understand the underlying reasons for incongruence in my financial actions. This course is paving the way for me to stop adding stress and anxiety to my financial equation out of guilt and judgment.

Michelle Holliday,