Authentic Leadership: Valuing Intuition and Defining Success with Amy Lombardo

Money Mindset

Sep 18

In this thought-provoking discussion about authenticity and intuition we explore how to define success on our own terms. Guest Amy Lombardo and I agree that, as women, when we practice having conversations about money in a calm, connected way, transformation happens. This is why we are both passionate about working with empowered feminine leaders who want to amplify their influence and impact.

With the skills we describe in this show, we are able to more effectively manage our family’s resources, financial and otherwise. Listen in to receive transformative strategies for defining and achieving success on your terms.

Knowing how to access your deepest authenticity and intuition are imperative in order to discover your unique definition of success. Without clarity of purpose and how to activate it, you remain susceptible to adopting definitions of success as pre-determined by others, and this can leave you feeling perpetually unfulfilled and misaligned.

“Authenticity instantly creates a feeling of safety for people to be who they are. That’s where we’re going to connect…aligned with what I know to be true inside. We connect through our shared humanity. It’s our imperfections where we connect…. When you’re authentic as a leader, the prosperity comes because people see the deep commitment to self-exploration.”

Being authentic can seem challenging. However, it’s so rewarding.

As Amy says, “If authenticity is our bottom line, we impact one another from sharing our inner wisdom, which is often masked because we are prioritizing the outer realms…leaders must simplify to amplify.”

As a “mama-preneur,” myself, I know it can be challenging to juggle the needs of family, work, and your own self-care. Whether or not we contribute financially to our families as mothers, we are cultivating wealth. True wealth originates from our relationships, our environment, and our inner dedication to self-love. Amy’s perspective on how to define success on my own terms was illuminating.

As a strategic coach for game-changers, socially-conscious entrepreneurs, and visionaries, Amy Lombardo has been pioneering breakthrough innovations in personal-growth programming since 2000. Her work has reached international bounds, with her customized programs serving everyone from women activists in third-world countries, high-end corporate CEOs, universities, non-profit institutions, and the top celebrities and philanthropists in NYC and LA. Armed with an Ivy-League education, a masters in rhetoric, certifications in yoga and empowerment coaching, and over 15 years experience as a spiritually minded entrepreneur, Amy blends ancient wisdom with modern business savvy and leadership techniques to deliver top-notch, multi-disciplinary offerings that are at once heartfelt and powerfully practical. You can learn more about today’s guest at




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