Module 3: Becoming the Author of Prosperous Agreements

Feb 17

The neural story net makes sense of the world in story terms. Everything that comes in through your sensory organs gets turned by you into story form BEFORE it gets to your conscious mind. We can see this area is active with an EKG.

Kendall Havan Your Brain on Story



Here are the first two steps of Ruth Ann Wood’s “Seven Steps to Turn Debt Into Abundance.” Don’t get discouraged by a large amount of debt. Follow through the next five steps in the webinar recording, and see how to transform this from a negative into a positive.

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STEP ONE: Documented Financial Debts

Begin the process of noting your current financial situation: List all the documented debts you have. An example would be:


  • Credit Card ($6,000)
  • Mortgage ($179,000)
  • College Loans ($27,000)
  • Medical Bills ($17,000)
  • Borrowed from Friends and Family ($5,000)
  • Total debt is ($234,000) or is it?

STEP TWO : “Energy Drains”

Think of this as an energy audit identifying cracks and leaks in your financial structure. The second step involves debts that may not be as well documented, but they are equally important to acknowledge. This may take some time to process. It is one of the steps that may require support. Take stock of other debts or financial stresses lurking that aren’t on the books.


  • A client who hasn’t paid you ($4500)
  • A car accident that raised your insurance rates and you get angry driving by the scene of the accident ($200/year)
  • A business partner who cost you a lot of wasted time and money. ($95,000 of missed opportunities)
  • A big client/Investor who pulled out of your company ($50,000) = $149,700

Make a list of all the mental and emotional debts you have.

List all the gifts, services and help you’ve given over the years that you never received an income or matching value: Ex 1: Working for free in your family business X amount of years for X amount of fair market dollars if they had hired someone else. (5 years high school & college X $5,500/ yr = $27,500) Ex 2: End of life home care for a loved one that you did for free for you aunt. (1 yr X $4000/ month = $48,000) Ex 3: Gave a friend a place to live or free office space while they got back on their feet or started a practice and they took their business elsewhere. ($500/ month X 9 months = $4500) Ex 4: Babysat a relative/neighborhood kid for free ($500/ month X 6 years = $36,000) PHYSICAL TOTAL = $116,000


1. Write down things you said or did that devalued or cost you the personal or professional relationship, or created pain and suffering. 2. Include unresolved mental and emotional debts/issues. Assign a “fair market value to how much it costs you financially of actual pain or lost opportunity. Ex 1: Had an argument with your folks and haven’t shared a monthly family meal in 15 years. (15 years X 12 months x $10 meal = $1800) There are untold emotional costs and loss. As a Salary Employee you were asked to work late nights and weekends for X times over the years and you begrudgingly did it. This put a strain on your marriage. Your unpaid hours totaled (X hours of overtime X $rate = $20,000) MENTAL/EMOTIONAL DEBT TOTAL = $38,800



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