Funny Money - Money Morphosis

Workshop and Public Performance

A Participatory Storytelling Experience

Sunday only, lunch included

The air felt electrified as Sharon began to talk about money. It was a tender topic to discuss. She courageously shared, inspired by others’ tales of triumph and tragedy. Her relief at the end of our group experience was palpable, as she felt a deep sense of belonging and purpose.

Like Sharon, you can discover the generosity of storytelling and the insight that comes from hearing others’ experiences. Come to “Funny Money”.  It combines a participatory method of community storytelling and theater called Story Bridge. A metamorphosis happens as money stories are woven with music, myth, and laughter.

Come participate in this unique experience intended to remove anything that stands between you and your prosperity. 

Shift your understanding of money and feel more:

Confident making wise decisions

Clear about your priorities

Satisfied with your unique value

Based on cutting-edge research and developed over 20 years, the Story Bridge Method empowers people to shift how they live while accepting who they are in a way that inspires others to do the same. Over the course of this one-day workshop, you will be both storyteller and performer as we quest for self and group discovery.

Here's what we will be doing:

1. We set the space, and the group starts authentically relating with each other, and about money via dynamic communication games.

2. In pairs, each person will share the story they most want to share, and experience being deeply heard and seen.

3. In small groups, certain stories are chosen to become that afternoon's performance.

4. As a whole group and in small groups, we prepare the stories to be performed, weaving in movement and music as the group desires.

5. Performance time!

6. Audience and performers reflect on performance.

7. Audience members and performers experience an offers and needs market to deepen aha's and self/community connection.

This process invites a greater understanding of your relationship with money. You’ll receive insights into your identity, your circumstance, and your path. As your story flows into the stories of others, you will grow and change along with it. When you adapt to the group consciousness, you experience a new reality, crossing the divide from an alienated “I” to a cherished “we.” Expect magic.

Join the workshop for only $55 ($85), which includes lunch on the workshop.

Want to enjoy the experience but can’t join us for the workshop? 

Then come to the public matinee on Sunday, October 8, from 3 to 5 PM.

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“In a culture of scarcity and perfectionism, there is a surprisingly simple reason we want to own, integrate, and share our stories of struggle. We do this because we feel the most alive when we are connecting with others and being brave with our stories.

It’s in our biology.”

-Dr. Brené Brown

one Day Workshop

Sunday, October 8, 11 AM - 5 PM

Public Matinee: Sunday, October 8, 3 - 5 PM

Rebecca Rhapsody

Crystal Arnold

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