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The Power of Asset-Based Approaches

Amplifying social impact by building on what’s already working

$150 cost includes lunch

[Scholarships available]

Thursday, November 16

9 am to 4 pm

Southern Oregon University

Donnie Maclurcan

Crystal Arnold

It's really reassuring to focus on what's already working.

By starting every process with a focus on what is already positive, we open a gateway for people to become more actively engaged. This applies in relationships, work environment, and broader community.

Science has proven that asset-based thinking activates the prefrontal cortex of the brain. By contrast, deficit-based thinking stimulates the brain stem - forcing us to act with survival as our focus. Asset-based approaches can access creativity and possibilities that simply don't exist when we use a deficit-based approach.

It’s a life-affirming experience to participate in a group and be reminded of the good, true, and beautiful.

What you'll gain from this workshop:

  • A refined ability to inspire and lead others
  • A renewed sense of hope (by revealing the wealth of our community's resources)
  • A method for efficiently sharing your offers and needs with friends and colleagues
  • Skills to bring forth the best in others

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Meet the Facilitators

Donnie Maclurcan is passionate about all things not-for-profit. Originally from Australia, he moved to Ashland in 2013, from where he runs the Post Growth Institute, exploring how our economy can flourish within ecological limits. As a consultant Donnie has helped more than 380 not-for-profit projects start, scale and sustain their work, while his own initiatives include co-founding: Free Money Day, the Post Growth Alliance, the (En)Rich List, and Project Australia. An Affiliate Professor of Social Science at Southern Oregon University. Donnie holds a Ph.D. in social science, with his research having explored nanotechnology’s implications for global inequality. He is currently completing his third book, titled: How on Earth: Our future is not for profit

Crystal Arnold is the founder of Money-Morphosis and the Discover Your True Wealth courses. After graduating from Southern Oregon University in 2007 with a degree in international economics, she has designed and facilitated workshops, community events, and discussion panels about money. She has inspired hundreds of people to have a healthier relationship with money. Her courses serve to illuminate the individual’s relationship with money and value. Her written work has appeared in journals, magazines, and in the book called Reinhabiting the Village. She is currently Director of Education at the Post Growth Institute. Learn more at

Cost of $150 includes lunch

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