Economics from the Heart with Crystal Arnold


Jun 20

An economy from the heart circulates a virtuous flow of resources that enrich people and planet.

On this special review of the last 100 episodes of Money-Wise Women, I share what I’ve learned over three years of conversations on the show. The women who have been guests have expanded my understanding of life in unexpected ways. They told intimate stories of challenges and breakthroughs.

As I spoke with leading experts in diverse fields about money, patterns emerged. I more deeply understand the nuances of money and our complicated relationship with it. I learned that effective leaders listen attentively after asking questions that evoke an individual’s wisdom. Now I’m writing a book inspired by these conversations. In this episode, I read some of my poetry and also tell you about some of my favorite interviews.

The women I’ve interviewed over the last three years are:

  • emotionally intelligent
  • valuing their intuition
  • alchemists who transform their pain into gifts
  • listening deeply to the earth, their inner wisdom, and each other
  • leading with a curious heart
  • willing to have difficult conversations
  • generous with healthy boundaries
  • authentic and brave

They care deeply about connection and prioritize relationships. They lead by example and align their money with their values. Many of them catalyze the transformation of beliefs and behaviors. They are change agents, psychologists, social workers, bankers, investors, financial planners, bookkeepers, mothers, social justice organizers, and pioneers.

I am optimistic about creating a more vital economy because of my conversations with these diverse women.

Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance and author of The Soul of Money said, “Your podcast is empowering, uplifting, and transformational. We are authors of the future. Thank you for featuring women who are pointing out the possibilities of life.”

You can listen and read the blog post for each episode in these favorites in five categories:

Upcoming shows include interviews with:

An economy from the heart breaks free from the violence of extraction through life-affirming exchanges that contribute to the well-being of people and planet. As individual behavior shifts, that catalyzes community-level change and ultimately institutional reform. Humans are made to tend to our gardens together; the economy is a place where we care for each other, and circulate value. Being brave and having conversations we engage a more vibrant economy.

Don’t just listen to these podcasts from Money-Wise Women, study them! Let us lift your spirit and enrich your world.




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