How to Create Thriving Communities with Ruth Miller


Feb 13

You feel a deep satisfaction when you contribute to your community and are acknowledged for your value. You deserve to feel supported by mutually beneficial relationships that enrich your life. You are not alone. You belong. 

“Money-Wise Women” guest Ruth Miller shares her vision of this emerging culture. She holds a Ph.D. in systems science, emphasizing culture and consciousness, and an M.S. in cybernetic systems. Her thesis describes the integration of intuitive methods in systems development and policy planning. Ruth is the author of Creating A New World: Drawing on the Best of the Past to Build a Truly Sustainable Culture.

Ruth has a unique perspective as a deeply spiritual person and systems-thinker influenced by her study of anthropology. Her book illuminates possibilities for humanity, as we redefine what wealth and success are. She says, “Finances are not the only resources we have for our well-being.”

At its essence, an economy is where people come together to care for one another, bringing unique gifts and needs. The economy includes the processes by which goods and services are produced and distributed. In her book she clearly articulates four key myths of the modern economy. These are crucial to understanding our modern human society and behavior.

A healthy economy circulates value for the well-being of people and planet. Ruth expresses her support of the work we are doing at the Post Growth Institute to transform the economy. She says, “The idea that growth is necessary for health and well-being is antithetical to life being a community living within the ecological limits of Earth.”

At the nexus of personal and systemic transformation is relationship. Money problems are, in part, a symptom of underlying beliefs that are the root cause of much financial suffering. “There is a direct relationship between our internal belief systems and our physical, mental and social experiences. If I want changes out there, I have to change what’s inside.”

“There is a direct relationship between our internal belief systems and our physical, mental and social experiences. If I want changes out there, I have to change what’s inside.” - Ruth Miller

Engaging in the personal and collective transformation takes courage. This renaissance of the heart is enlivening our communities as we imagine what a flourishing economy looks like and what actions we can take in our daily lives to manifest our potential.

Ruth L. Miller, Ph D

Ruth L. Miller, Ph.D., is best described as a synthesist of all things relevant to consciousness, human potential, and culture. She works with academic institutions, individuals, nonprofits, churches, and small businesses to guide them through the confusion of today’s world and into the emerging culture.

Dr. Miller has taught dozens of classes and led countless workshops on new paradigms, systems thinking, and futures research, serving as director of the Cybernetic Systems Program at San Jose State University, as well as adjunct faculty at Antioch University-Seattle, Marylhurst University, and Portland State University. She has also taught courses on world religions, science and religion, adult education, metaphysics, and the business of ministry at the Living Enrichment Institute and New West Seminary—receiving the highest evaluations for her classes at all of these institutions. She currently offers classes and workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest and an online course about the emerging culture at Gaia Living Systems Institute.

She earned the doctorate in systems science from Portland State University, integrating intuition and analysis in impact assessment and decision-making. She earned the M.S. in cybernetic systems from San Jose State University. Before that she earned the certificate in environmental studies from Long Beach State University with a teaching-guide on radiation and society and a B.A. in anthropology from the University of New Mexico. Visit her website at: Ruth Miller, Ph.D.




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