The Mindful Wealth Conference with Luna Jaffe and Lea Schodel


Jun 27

Imagine that your financial world is only black and white, that only numbers define your relationship with money…until, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you open the door to a vivid, vibrant, colorful reality. Suddenly, you see money in rainbow colors. Each exchange comes alive with meaning and is aligned with your purpose. Your values are expressed by how you spend, save, give, and invest. Attending the Mindful Wealth Conference in Portland, Oregon, this September will open a doorway toward greater freedom, joy, and connection.

Our “Money-Wise Women” guests Luna Jaffe and Lea Schodel are co-facilitating this event with me and two other women. Luna is the founder/owner of the Sacred Money Studios and CEO of Lunaria Financial, in Portland, Oregon. It is here that creative entrepreneurs learn skills needed to flourish financially, including conscious budgeting, healing financial trauma, and emotional clearing.

Lea is an Australian financial planner who applies her skills as a yoga instructor to help people build a wellness practice that includes their relationship with money. As a financial wellbeing expert, she supports primarily women and entrepreneurs to have greater ease and satisfaction with money.

Psychological, practical, and spiritual approaches can be combined for financial success. Yet it is rare to find a professional who integrates grounded financial advice with spiritual practice and deep emotional healing.

The two-day Mindful Wealth Conference is for those seeking to heal and evolve their relationship with money. We will explore how to create financial wellness, leveraging the resources of community. It’s going to be a deep dive into embodied practices and experiences that help you heal and release old money stories and mindsets so that you can finance your calling.

The Mindful Wealth Conference is designed to encourage long-lasting friendships and connections. Rather than giving you an overwhelming number of ideas and concepts to digest, we’ve created an experience that we all go through together—each presenter building on the next. Lunch is provided so that we can meet in circle, to continue the conversation. There will be space to have quiet time in between sessions as well.

I will be facilitating an Offers and Needs Market, a 90-minute process where people identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, and needs. The Post Growth Institute designed this to transact the variety of talents and wealth we each possess. The Offers and Needs Market reminds us of our immense value and reminds us that so much of what we need for a good life already exists right within our communities. Check out our video demonstrating how the process works.

We will illuminate your life with wisdom not about the nuts and bolts of finance but about how to BE more prosperous and satisfied. Through meditation, yoga, EFT tapping, visioning, art and exchanging with others, you will open the door to your own Emerald City. It will be a fun and nurturing experience, with food included and time for digestion and integration of what was experienced. Together we will embark on an adventure that will change your relationship with money forever.

Please, do not miss this opportunity to find your true wealth. Register for the conference with coupon code: MONEYWISEWOMEN and you'll receive a free copy of Luna's book, Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom.

Lea Schodel is CEO of Wellthy and founder of the Mindful Wealth Movement. Lea combines personal finance, wellness coaching, behavioral money psychology, and mindfulness practices to teach women to manage money in a more holistic, meaningful, and creative way. She runs online programs, face-to-face workshops, retreats, and coaching programs globally. Lea was named Australian winner of the 2017 Female Excellence in Advice Award from the Association of Financial Advisors and 2016 winner of Money Management’s Young Achiever of the Year Award.


Luna Jaffe, CFP(R), MA, is a financial planner, psychotherapist, visual artist, and the award winning author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom. She is the founder/CEO of Lunaria Financial and is the visionary behind Sacred Money Studios, both located in Portland, Oregon. Luna is passionate about giving people the knowledge they need to be financially successful. Her approach to financial planning integrates creativity, financial therapy, and spiritual practice. She does this by bringing people face to face, taking the financial conversation offline and into a blossoming community where healing and thriving can take place.





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