Standing For A Prosperous Life with Louise Rouse


Oct 14

How do we take a stand for dignity and prosperity; even in times where the financial ledgers say that most of the world is bankrupt?

How will we exchange more harmoniously to create resilience?

Our guest on “Money-Wise Women” Louise Rouse, therapist and coach explains how to attune to our human capacities in specific ways for a more prosperous reality.

In this conversation, we share why the money mindset is so important. Imagine amplifying a clear vision of what’s most valuable to you through small groups of focused intent. When you take a stand for what is most important to you, the universe conspires to bring this wealth into your life. Curious what I mean? Both Louise and I have seen incredible transformations during our workshops about money, see a video from my most recent one here.

Louise shares practical techniques that build greater resilience so you can respond to change with confidence. She tells of her recent journey to Standing Rock and the native prophecies unfolding there. She experienced profound acts of love and dedication as diverse people are cooperating with dedication to the future.

Humans stand

to acknowledge

water is more

valuable than money.

Water is life.

Our society is in a dilemma, the rules of the modern economy are driving human behavior in a suicidal direction. We are consuming and poisoning our very sustenance, our seeds, water, and bodies. The corporate mandate for profit has bankrupted humanity and the environment.

However, we are more powerful together than we imagine. Human ingenuity amplified through resonant group fields conducts an energy that cannot be measured with gold. There are many

Love is a more powerful current than greed.

Humans are creatures of story. Let’s imagine a life-affirming tale of genuine generosity as we steward what is most valuable to us. When we talk about finances together we discover our imaginative power as architects of the invisible structures of money. Revere economics as sacred because exchange can deplete or charge our batteries. Exchange is the current of life that sustains the health and vitality of participants.

People are taking a stand for what is essential; what is truly valuable.

Reflecting on what is most valuable, we become motivated take a stand.

We take stand for what gives us vitality.

With natural strength and self-love we hold healthy boundaries.

We declare that we value water and life more than gold.


Louise Rouse has studied The Law Of Attraction for over 45 years, she held a practice in Ashland Oregon for 10 years as a Transpersonal Therapist. She has  certifications in Nuero-linguistic Programming, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, Transpersonal Therapy, Coaching, and Spontaneous Transformation. She has been teaching and coaching with humor and warmth that encourages forth the best in people.




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